Klaus – Men’s work pants with Cordura knee pockets

Knee Protection
High abrasive resitant Cordura fabric makes Klaus extremely durable and the first choice for work pants with knee pockets.
100% cotton, English Leather

• Cordura knee pockets
• 2 side pockets
• Cordura piping on Pockets
• Heavy 520gr/sqm
• Made in Germany


Knee Protection

Klaus is our high quality Cordura knee pockets workwear pants with all the little extras you need in certain jobs. You can easily slight your knee pads in from the bottom. The Cordura fabric makes Klaus your first choice work pants with knee pads as it is extremely resistant to abrasions, tears and scuffs.

All Pockets including both side pockets feature Cordura piping which makes Klaus unique in our English Leather fabric range.

Originating in the military industry, Cordura developed to a necessity in the work wear world. Due to it’s high abrasion resistance it’s the perfect material for work pants with knee pad pads.

Fabric: English Leather
Composition: 100% cotton, Polyamid knee pockets
Weight: Heavy 520gr/sqm
Colors: Black, Grey, Off White

Care & washing

Taking care of your pant

In order to maintain the longevity, surface structure and colour, you should:

• Only wash them inside out and close the zip fastener
• Do not use any fabric softener
• Do not use dryers
• No chemical detergents

With fabric from 100 % cotton, one tries to limit the shrinkage process during washing by advanced sanforising. But the heavier a fabric is, the more difficult this is. Higher shrinkage values are therefore unavoidable and completely normal. Please take this into account when you choose your size. After washing, you should stretch every pair of trousers when they are still wet. This can compensate for most of the shrinkage.

We cannot provide any general washing instructions due to the use of various materials. Please look at the washing label on the inside of your clothing.

Size table

How does our sizing work?

Our sizing works in Inches.
The first number is your waist size and the second number ist your leg length.

To ensure we got everyone covered, we have 3 different sizing patterns. All different sizes have the same cut but slightly shorter or longer legs.

• Regular
• Long
• Short

For example
You know you have a 32” waist but 32” legs will be to short for you, you would go for the longer version of the same pants. Instead of REGULAR 32“/32” you would choose LONG 32”/36”.

It’s the same the other way around. You want a 32” waist but the legs will be too long in the regular size just go to SHORT 32”/30”.

We have added the waist and inside leg measurements in centimeters too.

Sounds easy? It sure is.


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