Hans – Work shorts traditional corduroy

Hans is our very traditional summer shorts
Confortable, Corduroy

• 1 side pocket
• 85% Cotton, 15% Polyester
• Heavy 440gr/sqm


Hans is our very traditional tradies work shorts

Hans is probably as old as genuine guild pants itself. It didn’t change much through the last centuries and we doubt it will. Since it’s a timeless cut made of the traditional heavyweight Genoa Corduroy with 440gr/sqm, it was popular yesterday, is popular today and we are sure it will be tomorrow as well.

That’s what makes Hans so popular. We think for a good reason.

Fabric: Corduroy
Composition: 85% Cotton, 15% Polyester
Weight: Heavy 440gr/sqm
Colors: Black
Featured: Gold Zips

Care & washing

Taking care of your pant

In order to maintain the longevity, surface structure and colour, you should:

• Only wash them inside out and close the zip fastener
• Do not use any fabric softener
• Do not use dryers
• No chemical detergents

With fabric from 100 % cotton, one tries to limit the shrinkage process during washing by advanced sanforising. But the heavier a fabric is, the more difficult this is. Higher shrinkage values are therefore unavoidable and completely normal. Please take this into account when you choose your size. After washing, you should stretch every pair of trousers when they are still wet. This can compensate for most of the shrinkage.

We cannot provide any general washing instructions due to the use of various materials. Please look at the washing label on the inside of your clothing.

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