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Made to Last

English Leather

English leather fabric, black color, workwear, work clothing, work pants, strong and tough - 100% cotton

English leather is probably the best fraud material of all textiles: strong and tough like leather but made of „only“ cotton.

Our English leather is made of 100% cotton and is as heavy as 520gr/sqm.

It is especially robust, moisture absorbing and has a high abrasion resistance. Due to the roughened interior it is very comfortable to wear.


Corduroy fabric, black color, workwear, work clothing, work pants, breathable and comfortable

We have 3 different Corduroy fabrics. The main difference between them is the weight. Due to the high cotton content (80% – 85%) our corduroy is very breathable and comfortable to wear.


Our very best and heaviest Corduroy is used for Egon. With triple twined warp it hast he highest tearing strength.

It consists of 85% cotton and 15% polyester. With a weight of 600gr/sqm it’s a real giant among the corduroy range.

With triple-twined warp yarns and up to 100 weft yarns per centimetre it’s as tear resistant as a chain.


The Genoa Corduroy  (85% cotton/15% Polyester) with 440gr/sqm is used for our summer shorts Hans.


The heavier version, the Trencker Corduroy is used for all our standard work pants such as Artur, Kai and Paul.

The Corduroy used for Artur and Kai is a 80% cotton / 20% Polyester fabric with 530gr/sqm.

Paul is a little bit heavier with 550gr/sqm and has slightly higher cotton content with 85% cotton and 15% polyester.


Canvas fabric, black color, workwear, work clothing, work pants, high tearing strength - dirt repellent

Our easy care canvas is made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester and is our lightest fabric with 310 gr/sqm.

Due to the higher polyester content it has a high tearing strength and is more dirt repellent than pure cotton.