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Workwear With Style

Carpenters, roofers and builder originally wore this unique german work pants. But our heavy duty clothing made of Corduroy or English leather are not limited to a few occupations any more.

Since centuries the guild pants, so it’s original name, are the first choice for german tradies and journeyman. Hard working workers love the durability, style and comfort of the german pants from the time they were invented to the present day.


In the 18th century, Corduroy was the material oft he beautiful and rich. Only Kings and nobles could afford the fine ribbed velvet. Skilled tradesmen wove the early Corduroy from pure silk. The French agricultural workers and the English miners needed something sturdy and tougher rather than beautiful appearance. So they developed a robust Corduroy fabric.

That’s how they invented the first protective clothing.
Trousers made of this robust corduroy gave the wearer safety and – so it seems – an amount of courage:

Among those who wore them were the workers who stormed the Bastille in the French Revolution, the sailors who fought at the Battle of Trafalgar and the King of the mountains, Luis Trencker, on his climbing exploits.

So it is no wonder that the success of the thread corduroy has lasted into the present day.

English Leather

During the English Industrialisation people developed the robust English leather to protect furnace workers from flying sparks. It proofed as a cost effective substitute for the more expansive cow hide aprons used before.
Soon English leather was popular among all kind of occupations and it still is to the present day.

Nowadays you can find our genuine German work pants all over the world. From dock workers in Norway, lumberjacks in Canada or screen printers in Australia they all appreciate our heavy duty German pants.