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Trade Workwear

Browse through our selection of high-quality tradie clothes.

Trade Workwear made to last

Heavy Duty Workwear, Carpenter Pants, Melborne, Australia

Some jobs require just a little bit extra when it comes to workwear. Dirt, dust and rough enviroments lead to fast abrasion and heavy wear and tear.

Our original German work pants are not just another pair of workwear. This clothes are a genuine masterpiece of German craftmanship.
Since centuries guild pants are the first choice for workers and real Journeyman. Hard working tradies love the durability, style and comfort of this unique work pants.

The pants unique style originally came from trades such as carpenters, joiners and cabinet makers. This trades kept the long tradition of the Journeyman till modern times. But since they got very popular they are not limited to real Journeyman or just a few occupations anymore.

Nowadays dock workers in Denmark, shipbuilders in Norway and screen printers in Australia wear this awesome german pants. But also people who just look for genuine quality and appreciate something special.

We are sure you will love our workwear pants, workwear shirts & jackets and work boots just as much as we do.